I know what you’re thinking. Why would I wish judgement on little girls? Several years ago, Martin Luther King had a dream. He dreamed where a nation will be free at last. He dreamed that his four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

While I am inspired by Dr King as I know we all are, I sometimes wish that all little girls will have to worry about is  being judged by the color of their skin. As a young girl, I wished that this was all I had to worry about. Instead I had to worry about something far worse.



So today February 18th 2013 as we celebrate Black History Month, this is my dream.


  • Where every little girl is safe. Where she grows up to be a strong confident woman without the burden of the stigma and taboo of being a victim of Child Sexual Abuse.


  • Where every little girl is protected and is free from the pain, tears, and the hurt that often comes with being violated by the hands of cousins, grandfathers, fathers, brothers, uncles and other family members.


  • Where little girls won’t  have to worry about men and boys touching them, violating them and taking away their innocence.


  • Where elected Government officials ensure that the rights of children are a priority and that the  laws protect the innocent children who have been violated.
  • Where little girls can go to bed, without worrying about someone coming into their rooms late at night.


  •  Where little girls no longer have nightmares and will have happy dreams.


  • Where we have a community of zero tolerance. Where society stands up for justice and worry less about what others will say or think about them.


  • Where society will be so outraged against violence against children that they will demand justice and won’t rest until they get it.


  • Where children grow up to be happy and free. Where they have no nightmares and are free to dream


  • Where my dream came true and every child grows up happy and free.


  • That I won’t have to dream for a time where young girls don’t have to worry about older men and young boys touching them, violating their rights.


  • That Child Sexual Abuse ends for every girl and boy in the Caribbean.

  • That Child Sexual Abuse ends for every girl and boy in Canada.

  • That Child Sexual Abuse ends for every girl and boy in the World.


What is your dream?

  • Jan Lawrence

    My dream is that we start seeing the humanity in each other vs. beating and breaking each other down. That people stop feeling like they need to trample on others to get ahead. That kindness and compassion would prevail.

    • KarlynPercil

      Love your dream Jan! I always say – there is enough for all of us – no need to throw each other under the bus:) Thanks for sharing!xo

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