hello beautiful warrior

When you, as a woman know who you really are, you make a powerful impression,  when you truly love yourself, you own your emotions, master your mindset, make better decisions and live a purpose-driven, passionate, beautiful life you love.

My goal is to empower more women to LEAD – to  live & engage authentically daily. To be their best selves. To achieve their dreams in spite of the challenges and the fear that will come their way. I want more women to thrive. To play big. To be who God designed them to be. Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful!

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, bullying, depression & anxiety – I know what it’s like to live in a dark place – and I know what it takes to get out of that dark place & to choose  life daily to live, to love & to laugh. To look at the person you see in the mirror and love and accept who you see unconditionally. Truth is, change won’t come unless you commit to doing the work & the life you really want.

As someone who have fought for her right to be beautiful, to achieve her goals and dreams in life, to break free of the glass ceiling I allowed life’s circumstances to place on me – I have done some incredible things – from launching my day planner,  opening myself up to give & receive love, to hosting my own Talk Show – & the truth is I have only just began!  I am living my boldest, biggest dreams.

I want you to live your boldest, biggest dreams – starting today. If you have already started, do more – play bigger. Your best work is yet to come.

I have been where you have been or may still be – living in a cage of fear – holding yourself back, setting small goals, thinking that you don’t deserve love – that you are not worthy of more. I have been there – that place where I  questioned every experience, every hurt, every stab, every heart wrenching blow and all the people who delivered it.   I spent quite a number of years asking : “Why me?”  I thought the answer to all these questions resided outside of me until I realized that all the answers were within all along. This is when my transformation began.

You have everything you need to live a life filled with purpose and passion. To love. To laugh. To be…

If you want to play bigger in life & in love and want to help others do the same – then you are in the right place. On this website you will find the tools, strategies and the support you need on your journey to making a difference in your life & the lives of others. All based on truth, research & the actual transformation of the lives of women who wanted more in life & in love.

You were chosen for the life you are living. Your pain, path and past – all designed to serve you.  You are meant to do more. You know that.


You  deserve love &  all the great things life has to offer. You are Bold, Brilliant & Beautiful – and the world is a better place because of who you are and the gifts & talents only you have. So shine on Beautiful Warrior!

I wish you enough – live, laugh & love. xoxo





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