What if you focused on one area of your life, one month at a time for the next 5 months?

Finish Strong

Earlier this year, in June we helped 70+ bold, brilliant women to be disruptive. Here’s what we learned: Life favors the bold & those who ask for what they really want. We encouraged them to break some norms. Go out of their comfort zone. Do something radical and  ASK for what you really want.  Guess what? Most of those who did share their results with us – actually got what they wanted!


Sophia, a participant who won our social media challenge in our #justASK shared these results:

That’s what I did and I am three steps forward towards my goal and three steps ahead of where I was last week in my career, with my work-family life balance.  I am already thinking about what else do I need to ask for….seriously because now I feel empowered, less fearful and deeply grateful for this exercise.” – Sophia Campbell-Joseph

Another participant shared this,

“Thank you Karlyn for your word this morning “Just ASK” sometimes I hold back out of fear that I am asking for too much or that I will be told no. But today, I went for it and I am blessed thanks.” – Tamar Huggins, CEO TechSpark

The Truth is..

We love helping you get results in your life! We believe that your life – this one life that you have been given should be lived to the fullest! This is why we are back with another campaign to help you finish the year strong! Life favors the bold. Life favors the woman who takes action!

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Finish-Strong Overview-v3 (1)

If you focus on one area at a time (in this case – one a month), we promise that you WILL get ahead. It’s never too late to start your success essentials routine: whether it’s building up your health and wellness (August), nurturing  or healing your relationships with family and friends (September), professional development to further your career (October), increasing your confidence and deepening your self-love practice(November) or reaching financial abundance (December). If you want to #FinishStrong2016 don’t miss this series and tell a friend. Get her to sign up so she can join and finish strong too.

Success Planner
Every month for the rest of the year, we’ll help you create the life you love using these five core success pillars from our Success Planner. It’s a strategy we learned from one of my virtual mentors Robin Sharma. He called it the TBOF – tight bubble of focus. The Success Planner contains these areas and also includes Robin’s success strategies and tips Pre-order yours today!

Don’t forget to subscribe below & join the #Finishstrong2016 campaign. We look forward to celebrating you & with you at the end of 2016!