You deserve


“Sometimes our lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness  & self-love manifest into missed dreams & opportunities, playing small, not asking for that raise or high profile assignment,  settling for the average guy who isn’t worth our time, missing out on true love, getting paid for what you’re worth  & end up  living in the past. The negative self talk fuels your FONBE -(fear of not being enough) & FONDE – (fear of not doing enough) – cheating you out of your full potential .  I lived that life and I want to help you not make the same mistakes I made. I can help you create a life you love.” – Karlyn, Success Coach & Founder of SisterTalk Group

My mission is to help women “break their internal glass ceiling” challenge their limitations – just like I did for myself & the 50 + women who have taken my programs.  Here’s what Nechelle had to say:


“As a result of completing Karlyn’s program, I have gained so much more understanding and compassion for myself. My self-love journey has being re-ignited, but now I have a better understanding and appreciation for who I am and where I am going. I consistently take the time to tune in with myself and making decisions are so much easier, because of the tools and guidance that I received from Karlyn.” – Nechelle Bartley 

Coaching individuals or groups of women to discover their authentic self and increase their personal effectiveness in life is my passion.  My signature tools & strategies will help you navigate the internal blocks, stop the self-sabotage,  find your “happy” in life & in love  & enjoy your journey to success.  The truth is when women are happy, healthy and empowered they L.E.A.D (live & engage authentically daily) their lives consciously with passion & purpose. They make better decisions & better choices, set boundaries and choose to create a life they really love. 

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Why am I qualified to coach you? DSC_4884-Edit

  1. Certificate in Positive Psychology -using acquired knowledge in both the science & practice of nurturing resilience and increasing your overall well-being to nurture your own life, your family, your workplace and your community.
  2. Neuroscience Coaching Certificate specializing in Leadership, Education and Spirituality
  3. Certificate in Emotional Intelligence
  4. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, adult bullying, depression & anxiety – I know how to shift from a dis-empowered version of self to a bold, brilliant and beautiful woman who knows that she is worthy of her dreams & her desires. So much so, I used my gifts & talents to create a life I truly love.
  5. Because I have been where you are right now. My naked vulnerable journey led me  from a shame, fear & guilt filled life  to reconnecting to my authentic self – loving who I am & who I am becoming –  a gift I want every woman to experience.
  6. I used to be the girl who run away from love (my walls had walls)  – until I realized my worth – that I was worthy of love – that I deserved not a good man but a GREAT one – I can show you how to get ready for the love you really want &  not the one you have settled for.

Are you ready for the life you know you deserve?

I know the power of owning your story. I have used my story to liberate myself from mediocrity and have shared it on OWN TV (Life Story Project & Oprah’s Life Class), Global TV, the United Nation’s Regional Conference on Women & Children, Huffington Post Live and more!

I am living the life I love – because I created it.

From being married for over two years to my loving husband Jason – to now running my Consulting & leadership development firm full time (after quitting my  corporate job earlier this year – 2016) I can show you how to create a life you really love.

I AM a conqueror,  not just a survivor – I AM a Beautiful Warrior. And so are you. I can help you unlock the greatness that lies with you.

You deserve a life filled with love Beautiful Warrior. One where you walk with confidence knowing that you are enough.

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