Week 22. Day 151. 215 days remaining. We’re almost, but not quite at mid-year. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I want my legacy and my life to look like. With aging In Laws – I see how much they treasure each day. Every moment. When they laugh it feels me with so much joy. Same for my parents. I know that they’re getting older and the most important advice my mom gave me was this:

karlyn-percil just ask“I tried. I never said no –
even when I was afraid I tried.”

I admire her greatly for trying. And for never giving up. My mom didn’t grow up with much – but she always had enough for what matters the most – love for herself and her family. She cared deeply not just for us but for her entire community. She never allowed her lack of education via an institution to hinder her – she always knew that the best education came from life itself and I watched her apply the learning everyday. Through her I’ve learned, that’s how we gain wisdom.

I’m learning from her institution and I apply what I learn to my own life because I want my time here on earth to count. Dealing with a traumatic experience as a child robbed me of a lot. I missed out on actively participating in Karlyn’s life for decades.

NO MORE. My life, my legacy, my experiences, my ability to feel, give and receive love matters. I want to feel life coursing through my veins and make a difference – touch lives – share a part of my learning’s with everyone I meet.

I pray that I am able to make someone’s life better. That is my wish. To do just that. That’s why the #justASK campaign is so important to me. I’ve seen what can happen when you just ask for what you want. I did and my life changed. More on my big ASK later on.


Here’s what I know for sure:

I believe your dreams matter. Your legacy matters. That thing that you’ve always wanted to say/do matters. More than you realize. Living life on someone else’s term is suffocating. Debilitating. As you enter the 22nd week and the 6th month of 2016 it’s important to ask yourself how you’re doing with the BOLD goals you’ve set for yourself this year. Ask yourself:

How am I contributing to where I am right now? Am I getting what I really want out of life or have I  settled for what life sends my way?


According to an insightful article in the Harvard Business Review, women are less likely than men to negotiate for themselves for several reasons. Why? “They often are socialized from an early age not to promote their own interests and to focus instead on the needs of others.” Truth be told – I see this all the time in the workplace and outside of it. We’ve been conditioned to perform, perfect & please as noted by my virtual mentor Brene Brown.

just-ask-karlyn-percilIt’s time to be disruptive. Break some norms. Go out of your comfort zone. Do something radical. ASK for what you really want. ASK for that thing – be it help, space, an introduction, – whatever it may be. #justASK.

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