Annual Goal Setting Workbook Cover (10)

Reflect. Review. Plan. Setting BOLD Goals For Your Brilliant & Beautiful Life!


This workbook and guide is designed to inspire and motivate a mindset that pushes you to pursue your dreams, pursue your purpose and live fearlessly! Make 2017 your year to create a life you love, and stop questioning if you are enough to create it. YOU ARE enough. And most importantly you are WORTHY of the life you really want.

Commit to YOU by completing the Living Fearlessly & Setting BOLD Goals Workbook in order to create the #BoldBrilliantBeautiful Lifestyle you deserve. Focus on doing the soul work because you are  worthy of the abundance and the blessings coming your way.  Believe this – YOU ARE worthy of a life you really love.

In this motivational guide & manifestation workbook, you will find the best tips & tools, the best quotes from some of my virtual mentor with 5 key steps that will propel you to greatness. It will unlock doors & break chains (limiting beliefs – thoughts-people-mindsets) – I know it works because I have not only seen these success principles work in the lives of the people I admire like Brene Brown, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Louise Hay etc – I have seen the breakthroughs in my own life.

Allow me to help you create a lifestyle you really love. You deserve it.

::Here are the 5 areas we will be focusing on in the Living Fearlessly Workbook::

5 steps

Bonus sections include:

  • A Stop Doing List
  • A Purge Checklist
  • Fear Factor Body Check
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