“We are wired for connection, engagement &  curiosity.” – Dr Brene Brown 

SisterTalk Events brings women together from all walks of life to celebrate the wisdom of our lived experiences, our accomplishments, how far we’ve come & to collectively celebrate sisterhood!  It’s takes courage to be who you are and we  celebrate each other through our annual event & our mini empowerment series through. The annual event boasts 3 core elements:

  1. Celebrate Cocktail Hour
  2. Empowerment Hour: Authentic  Table Conversations with hand selected Table Mentors + Workbook relevant to annual theme/topic, in order to transform the lives of the attendees
  3. Inspiring & motivating Panel Discussion/Keynote: Authentic inspiring stories and discussions through “Elephant Stories” and conversations that matter

What will you walk away with?

Lots of laughter, memorable moments, soulful connections with other empowered women, a conversation that really matters, new connections, an opportunity to truly focus on you and what matters to you the most.  Walk away with a deeper connection to your authentic self, insights into how to tap into the next level of your best self, how to bring yourself fully to the life you currently have, and how to sustain that transformation with a *FREE* copy of our signature inspirational ebook & : A Successful Woman’s Guide to Creating A Life She Loves – filled with tips and strategies to help you create a life you really deserve. 


Haven’t attended a SisterTalk event yet? Here’s what attendees are saying:

  • “This was amazing event!”
  • “I did not expect to walk away with so much.”
 Catch an overview of our last events here:
1st Annual SisterTalk Event : The inaugural celebration of sisterhood event (Nov 2013)
2nd Annual SisterTalk:A Celebration of Sisterhood Event: The Love & Relationship Edition – Oct 2015
3rd annual Celebration of Sisterhood – link to purchase tickets coming soon!


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“This was a life changing event.”

“I walked away with a new perspective on how I approach love with myself and my family.”

“I was blown away by the speakers courage and their story.”