Did you know that of all management occupations held by visible minorities, women hold 37.6% of the positions and earn 74.1% of what all men earn? (Catalyst Canada Report)

We are currently working on a revolutionary and inspirational interview series called the Visible Minority& Aboriginal Report where we showcase diverse female superstars who work in C-STEAM (C-suite, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Media) in Canada.  The Visible Minority & Aboriginal Report is a bi-weekly feature – an important conversation that matters and seeks to address the lack of women of colour featured in main stream media, senior leadership positions and leadership conferences. We believe that young girls need role models who look like them and hope that this serves as inspiration to who they can become.


To be eligible, the leaders must:

  • Be a visible minority or aboriginal female
  • Have significant work or academic experience in any of the C-STEAM areas- Corporate, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Academic, Advertising, Math and Media
  • Be a resident of Toronto
  • Answer a number of questions on career and success focused on three key areas: Life, Love and Relationships, Career and Business
  • Consent to having the interview featured on our website as a means of inspiration and empowerment for other women
  • Be willing to be featured in the other media as necessary- online, print and television
  • Provide a high quality resolution photo for the website (will be requested once your submission is reviewed and approved.)


Your story will inspire a community of future female leaders and we encourage other women to embrace their power in all areas of life.


Don’t delay in sharing your Boldness, Beauty and Brilliance with the world!


Be a part of this amazing opportunity in 2 easy steps!
1. Download the application form here.
2. Complete and email to info@karlynpercil.com



Thank you! You are making a difference in the lives of women and young girls!


Once submitted, we will review your form and be in touch soon to request your high resolution photo which will be added to your interview on our website.


In the meantime:

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