The WHY: Why do we share our Stories?


Thank you for taking this bold step towards sharing your story with other women!


The questions selected were designed to gain a perspective or a lived experience on any area of your life that you would like to share. Whether it is personal or professional, we leave that part entirely up to you. According to the survey findings in the 2007 Career Advancement in Corporate Canada: A Focus on Visible Minorities Report by Catalyst Canada and the Ryerson Diversity Institute, it was stated that “Visible Minority respondents were more likely to perceive workplace barriers than their white/Caucasian colleagues. These barriers included perceived lack of fairness in career advancement processes, an absence of role models, inequality in performance standards, and fewer high-visibility assignments.”


Our mission is to showcase stories of different Visible Minority women from various industries. We hope to inspire and motivate more women and increase the number of role models they have access to.


Through Sistertalk we use Stories as a leadership tool for advancement, and to inspire and motivate others. Women are more likely to try something new or be brave and ask for a raise, or speak up after seeing and hearing the story of another woman, someone that she can relate to. We believe in the power of stories and we know that by sharing our stories with each other, we can elevate, celebrate and empower ourselves and others, and make a difference in someone’s life.


So thank you for sharing your story with us – we appreciate you.

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