Discover the barriers, tap into your authentic power and play bigger in life & in love.

We learn better in intimate  groups. When empowered women come together, magical things happen.  I’ve brought my  signature tools & strategies  together to help women navigate the blocks and setbacks they often encounter in life and in love. When women are happy,  healthy and connected to their authentic selves, they are empowered to give their best,  They are passionate & do purpose-FULL work, their productivity increases and their ability to enjoy life – the workplace, home life  & love life increases.

Women who are connected to their authentic selves lead their best lives & help other women do the same.

There are 4 main workshops Karlyn facilitates  to help you live your best life,  with the goal of impacting 100,000  women around the globe.

Your best life awaits.  Request a workshop for your women’s organisation today or request our next date for our live workshop.


Most people are afraid to face what’s often staring at them in their face. “Elephant Story” likened after the “Elephant in the room” idiom speaks to an obvious truth – something we often ignore or don’t address in our lives. When we don’t face the elephant in our lives, we miss out on reaching our full potential and living a life filled with purpose & passion. Through this keynote/workshop, Karlyn delves into what most people associate with facing their “elephants” such as fear, guilt and shame. We will take an intimate look at what you believe about yourself and how it plays a role in your success in life. Most importantly Karlyn shows her audience that all that really lies beneath the elephant is love. Getting Naked and facing your “elephant” will lead to an empowered and more successful YOU. At the end of this workshop we will cover:

  • What Getting “Naked” means and discovering what it means to be vulnerable
  • Discover what words you have on your Belief Window and learn how these words have an impact on you and your life goals
  • How to identify your elephant story
  • Discovering the love, strength and courage that lies beneath your elephant.

Why do I feel like I am not good enough, why do I run away from love, and why was I afraid to raise my hand and ask for what I deserve? – This is a question we all ask ourselves. The answer often elude us – because it means that we need to be honest with ourselves. It means we need to dig deep and have the courage to face what we know is true. Or sometimes we just don’t know where to start or what to do. Through this workshop, Karlyn shares her CEP Model – which will guide you to discovering your Elephant Story which will also lead you to the answer to the question above. Exploring your Elephant Syndrome gives you an opportunity to address the reason behind the “why” – you are holding yourself back or why you are not tapping into your full potential. At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with:

  • A tool/method/way for you to discover your Elephant Story
  • Gain a better understanding where the feelings of unworthiness come from
  • Understand where your Elephant Story comes from
  • Know or gain a better understanding of what your Elephant Story is

According to Shame & Vulnerability expert, Dr Brene Brown, Shame is that warm feeling that washes over you and makes you feel small & flawed. When we feel small or flawed, often times we don’t speak kindly to ourselves nor do we treat others or ourselves with love and respect. Our Shame Talk affects us in many ways – personally & professionally.  We set small goals, we reject love, we harm ourselves. Karlyn will walk you through the harmful side effects of your Shame Talk and will also provide you with tools to help you discover what shame feels like, what your shame triggers are and how to manage it effectively. She will also provide you with a process that will help you deal with your negative Shame Talk. By the end of this session you will:

  • Learn more about shame – and how it shows up in your life
  • Identify your shame talk + how you behave when you are in “shame”
  • Learn how to identify your shame triggers and how to manage your shame talk
  • Walk away with new language to use when you are experiencing shame.

Why do women self-sabotage? Why do we say that we want one thing, then do everything in our power NOT to get that very thing we say we wanted? Why do women hold themselves back? The real reason why women self-sabotage lies within. Through this workshop we dig deep and identify the “barrier” or the reason “why” women self-sabotage. Why they give in to their fears and most importantly why we purposely destroy our goals or dreams. At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of what self-sabotage is
  • Identify the main contributor for your self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Identify why you self-sabotage – what your behavior is telling you
  • Tactics on how to lessen or stop this behavior and create the life you really want


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