The Power of Affirmations + My Success Affirmations for The 1st Half Of The Year

Starting the day with the right mindset is key. As reminded by  Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.” I’ve been using affirmations for quite sometime to program my mind for success and to shape my reality and  vision for my life. If you haven’t started using affirmations – start now.

Effective Productivity Strategies

Being bombarded with so much information day in & out – we are always on the search for effective productivity strategies. This week we caught up with Coach Katia Kali and asked her to share some of her effective productivity strategies with us. Here is what she had to say: Organize Your Workspace First and

The Power Of Hope – 100 Days To A More Meaningful Life!

  “When you are one with what you have asked for, then what you have asked for becomes your reality.” Abraham Hicks Welcome to 100 Days of inspired hope – a mind, soul, heart & brain shift to a better and more powerful you. Over the next 100 days – my intention is to deliver

Success Sessions: Episode 1 Topic: How To Effectively Check Your Goals + Tapping Into Your Power of Being Enough.


In this episode Jessie & I talk about:

1. Why we do the opposite of what we say we want.
2. The power of our concious & sub-concious mind.
3. How to leverage your brain & mind + where you are for greater success.
4. How to tap into your emotions/energy & the power of being enough.
5. The one thing you should do right NOW – gauranteed to help you build momentum and on tarck with what you really want.
I talk about the “Elephant” I brought with me from the Caribbean + plus Jessie shares one belief from her South-Asian culture she had to change + her response to the rapid 3 blew me away – was it her Superpower or what she would like read at her orbituary? Tune in for more!
Let us know your biggest takeaway and stay tuned for more episodes as per schedule below:



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