The Power of Self-Love: Reflections On My Journey to Self-Love

I wouldn’t be here today giving testimony to how much loving myself transformed my life if it didn’t actually happen. For years I held myself back – personally and professionally – while yearning for more. More love. A deeper connection to self. Complete self-acceptance. I couldn’t look at Karlyn without judging her. I punished her

Interviews: My Thoughts On New Year Resolutions,Setting the RIGHT Goals + Success Planning (CBC Radio, She Does The City & Coco & Cowe)

  I’ve had the honor of being interviewed by some amazing people in Q4-2017- on their platform we discuss Goals, productivity, neuroscience coaching & being a neuro leader and how I got into this field. I hope you find some gems to help you set your BOLD Goals for 2018. Grab your favorite tea, wine or sparkly

A Better You & A Better Mindset in 365 days with Karlyn Percil’s 2018 Success Planner

Beat workplace stress, cultivate a healthier brain & mind, discredit the Imposter Syndrome complex and live a more meaningful life by following the success principles in the Success Planner. Toronto, ON: December 6th,2018 – Neuro-success Coach & Mentor Karlyn Percil introduces her unique 2018 Success Planner designed to help you master your thoughts and emotions,